Donate and support science outreach

Laser Labs is a not-for-profit social enterprise, any income is invested into the company. Developing and maintaining apps comes with regular costs such as for software licenses, app store fees, insurance and for running web servers.

We want science to be easy to access, and therefore provide our apps for free. To cover our costs we rely on outreach funding from university research groups, social enterprise grants and your donations.

If you have enjoyed one of our apps, if you want to support science outreach, if you want to help producing accessible and fun science apps, please donate! Your money will go towards:

  • Supporting costs of hosting and distributing apps
  • Paying for software licenses
  • Funding development costs for new apps

If you would like to donate please enter the amount below and press the donate button. We use Stripe to handle our payments, a very simple process that requires only a valid debit or credit card. Thank you very much for your help and your support!