Space Time Quest - High Scores

These are the high scores achieved by previous Space Time Quest players. Download the game and beat this! The way in which the scores are calculated may change in newer versions of the game. You can choose which score versions to see in the dropdown box.

Game Version:
supernovaeneutron starsblack holes
NameSNNS-NSBH-BH RangeVersion
4261ff0001 Mpcv1.5
4262The PI0001 Mpcv1.5
4263Neimar0001 Mpcv1.5
4264Marcos Oliva0001 Mpcv1.5
4265fizika 5os0001 Mpcv1.5
4266Bazsal0001 Mpcv1.5
4267BOSS0001 Mpcv1.5
4268k0001 Mpcv1.5
4269Nussi0001 Mpcv1.5
4270Jacques0001 Mpcv1.5
4271raakhi0001 Mpcv1.5
4272Nil0001 Mpcv1.5
4273aaa0001 Mpcv1.5
4274matt b0001 Mpcv1.5
4275Mireia0001 Mpcv1.5
4276Blex0001 Mpcv1.5
4277Nussi0001 Mpcv1.5
4278Nil0001 Mpcv1.5
4279Devkaran0001 Mpcv1.5
4280k0001 Mpcv1.5
4281Dr Radio0001 Mpcv1.5
4282Otzigatel0001 Mpcv1.5
4283Nussi0001 Mpcv1.5
4284Haseeb0001 Mpcv1.5
4285Koushik0001 Mpcv1.5
4286Koushik0001 Mpcv1.5
4287ram0001 Mpcv1.5
4288Djd0001 Mpcv1.5
4289Humza0001 Mpcv1.5
4290Telsey boi0001 Mpcv1.5

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