Space Time Quest - High Scores

These are the high scores achieved by previous Space Time Quest players. Download the game and beat this! The way in which the scores are calculated may change in newer versions of the game. You can choose which score versions to see in the dropdown box.

Game Version:
supernovaeneutron starsblack holes
NameSNNS-NSBH-BH RangeVersion
4921hshd0000 Kpcv1.5
4922Grace🦄0000 Kpcv1.5
4923roman0000 Kpcv1.5
4924antb0000 Kpcv1.5
4925antb0000 Kpcv1.5
4926Z0000 Kpcv1.5
4927Cian0000 Kpcv1.5
4928Ghiiii0000 Kpcv1.5
4929The Pi0000 Kpcv1.5
4930mathäische krumme Gerade0000 Kpcv1.5
4931Sajat0000 Kpcv1.5
4932Sajat0000 Kpcv1.5
4933Sajat0000 Kpcv1.5
4934The PI0000 Kpcv1.5
4935The PI0000 Kpcv1.5
4936Syazua0000 Kpcv1.5
4937Syazua0000 Kpcv1.5
4938Syazua0000 Kpcv1.5
4939тнιяυυνєєяα уυυgєи0000 Kpcv1.5
4940irra0000 Kpcv1.5
4941HIDAYAH0000 Kpcv1.5
4942Ikmal0000 Kpcv1.5
4943Izradah0000 Kpcv1.5
4944DNO0000 Kpcv1.5
4945Izzti0000 Kpcv1.5
4946ryra0000 Kpcv1.5
4947hakimsem0000 Kpcv1.5
4948Maisas0000 Kpcv1.5
4949Ril0000 Kpcv1.5
4950Adib0000 Kpcv1.5

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