Space Time Quest - High Scores

These are the high scores achieved by previous Space Time Quest players. Download the game and beat this! The way in which the scores are calculated may change in newer versions of the game. You can choose which score versions to see in the dropdown box.

Game Version:
supernovaeneutron starsblack holes
NameSNNS-NSBH-BH RangeVersion
13621Dr. X0001 Kpcv1.5
13622Arnau0001 Kpcv1.5
13623Karthik0001 Kpcv1.5
13624sunny0001 Kpcv1.5
13625sunny0001 Kpcv1.5
13626Heba0001 Kpcv1.5
13627The PI0001 Kpcv1.5
13628The PI0001 Kpcv1.5
13629The PI0001 Kpcv1.5
13630Charlie0001 Kpcv1.5
13631The PI0001 Kpcv1.5
13632Annie0001 Kpcv1.5
13633Ril0001 Kpcv1.5
13634Dan0001 Kpcv1.5
13635Marta Torres0001 Kpcv1.5
13636Rayan0001 Kpcv1.5
13637The PI0001 Kpcv1.5
13638Sean0001 Kpcv1.5
13639Marina0001 Kpcv1.5
13640Hengxin0001 Kpcv1.5
13641Test0001 Kpcv1.5
13642EdrieTap0001 Kpcv1.5
13643The PI0001 Kpcv1.5
13644The PI0001 Kpcv1.5
13645The PI0001 Kpcv1.5
13646Marika0001 Kpcv1.5
13647haowen0001 Kpcv1.5
13648The PI0001 Kpcv1.5
13649Anselm0001 Kpcv1.5
13650AA0001 Kpcv1.5

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