Space Time Quest - High Scores

These are the high scores achieved by previous Space Time Quest players. Download the game and beat this! The way in which the scores are calculated may change in newer versions of the game. You can choose which score versions to see in the dropdown box.

Game Version:
supernovaeneutron starsblack holes
NameSNNS-NSBH-BH RangeVersion
13681Triemo0001 Kpcv1.5
13682monster0001 Kpcv1.5
13683monster0001 Kpcv1.5
13684monster0001 Kpcv1.5
13685monster0001 Kpcv1.5
13686monster0001 Kpcv1.5
13687z0001 Kpcv1.5
13688ragnar0001 Kpcv1.5
13689ragnar0001 Kpcv1.5
13690pal_ash0001 Kpcv1.5
13691LigoIndia0001 Kpcv1.5
13692The PI0001 Kpcv1.5
13693一土0001 Kpcv1.5
13694graham0001 Kpcv1.5
13695Marta Torres0001 Kpcv1.5
13696Ainhoa0001 Kpcv1.5
13697Michelle0001 Kpcv1.5
13698Rachel0001 Kpcv1.5
13699Priyanka0001 Kpcv1.5
13700Priyanka0001 Kpcv1.5
13701The PI0001 Kpcv1.5
13702Stuart0001 Kpcv1.5
13703Jack0001 Kpcv1.5
13704Atoms0001 Kpcv1.5
13705Atoms0001 Kpcv1.5
13706The Mountain0001 Kpcv1.5
13707The Mountain0001 Kpcv1.5
13708DrPlokta0001 Kpcv1.5
13709Bin Laden0001 Kpcv1.5
13710Autumn0001 Kpcv1.5

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