Chirp is an app that allows you to keep track of the latest collisions of black holes, neutron stars and maybe more, just minutes after they are detected by the growing international gravitational wave detector network.

Chirp is available for Android, iOS and web and can be downloaded for free, it contains no ads and no in app purchases.

If you prefer to use a webpage instead of a mobile app, or just want to see what this is all about, have a look at:

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Gravitational Wave Group, University of Birmingham.


— 2019


  • React-native


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Gravitational wave detections are made by an international network of detectors, such as LIGO in the USA, VIRGO in Italy and KAGRA in Japan. Since the start of the third observing run of LIGO and Virgo, low latency public alerts are provided for each new possible gravitational wave events, allowing anyone to join us on our journey to discover more about the universe.

Chirp is an app that listens for these alerts and displays information such as: the most likely cause of the event, an estimate of the distance from the earth and a sky localisation in a friendly format amongst other bits of information related to the event.

An alternative to Chirp is Peter Kramer's iOS app - Gravitational Wave Events. This was developed independently from LaserLabs and was released prior to Chirp and in time for the launch of advanced LIGOs observing run O3.