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This is Laser Labs!

I mentioned in the previous post that one of our main goals is to bring the game to tablets and, if possible, phones. We were trying for a while to find the right tool to export, from the same code with only small extra tweaks, to the Desktop, mobile devices and a web version playable in a browser. With the restart of the development this year, we opted for Unity3D which has a reputation for providing good export options.

Exporting Black Hole Master to different devices.

After the first month we are still busy creating a basic code structure for the game, but I am very glad to report that the export to Android and iOS works quite well. The photo above shows an early version of the code running on an iPad2 (iOS 7.1), an old Android phone (HTC Nexus 1, Android 2.3) and in the Unity editor itself. We have mostly worked out the scaling so that everything looks the same, or very similar, on different devices, and have implemented a first quick and dirty handling of touch input. The next step is to implement basic menus and navigation to and from the different parts of the game. With that in place we can actually start to add and test actual levels and gameplay.

In parallel we have worked on some simple features, such as the lensing effect from the black hole (more on that later). At the same time we are still brainstorming, discussing and changing some of our ideas for the gameplay. These things are still in flux and deserve their own post later.