News and information

Slow but steady progress

It has been a long time since the last update and we have made less progress this year than originally planned. The number of people who can efficiently help with the coding or the graphics has become quite small. Also, our day jobs had become more demanding than usual, so that we worked on the game only for a few hours per week. The good news in that we have been joined by Philip Jones, a Birmingham physics student, who already gave us a nice boost in productivity!

Black Hole Master screenshot, showing some
													of the new power-ups.

We are currently trying to bring the two-player part of the game into beta status so that we can ask more people to play-test it. We have just added a new power-up, the space mine, see the screenshot above. We still have to re-implement the worm hole, known from Black Hole Pong. At the same time we slowly work our way through menus, options screens, buttons and all the other small things that are important for the overall look and feel of the game. Overall, this is slow progress, but it is exciting to see how the final game starts to emerge from the many parts.